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God-i selected in Europe's biggest startup hub in Vienna, Austria
God-i startup has been selected among 850 candidates from 55 countries to participate in weXelerate, a multi-corporate accelerator of more than 9,000 square meters, located in the heart of Vienna (Austria). God-i seeks to close a new investment round to launch to the international market an innovative wearable device that allows live experiences to be shared in a new social network. God-i tries to disrupt sectors such as entertainment, fashion, music and sports.
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God-i is a tech startup based in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain) that specializes in the field of wearable devices and social networks. Its founder and executive director Enrique Garcia (Mr.Q), has created and patented a wearable device (God-i) that allows life to be shared in a simple and fun way in a new social network: God-i.Live (http://god-i.live)
The acceleration program that lasts 4 months is focused on five industrial sectors - Media, Industry 4.0, Infrastructure and Energy, Banking Sector and Insurance - and technologies such as Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and Cybersecurity.
weXelerate will make it easier for God-i to work with one of the 16 leading corporate partners in the industry to identify use cases, create pilot experiences and form strategic alliances.
As part of the acceleration program, God-i will receive specialized training (product design, financing, online marketing, branding, growth hacking, sales strategies, legal aspects, patents and trademarks, internet of things etc.), and mentoring from WeXelerate and its extensive network of more than 200 partners (Uber, Google, Siemens, Cisco, etc.) in all the areas necessary to scale God-i's business model quickly.
"WeXelerate facilitates collaboration between leading corporate companies, global experts and startups in various disciplines with the aim of establishing mutually beneficial business relationships," explains Dominik Greiner, director of weXelerate.
WeXelerate's corporate partners include media companies (T-Mobile, Kurier, ORF), companies in the industrial sector and infrastructure (Andritz, Palfinger, Austrian Post, Wien Energie), banks (Volksbank, Raiffeisenbank, Austrian Controlbank, Payment Services Austria) , insurance companies (Uniqa, Wüestenrot, Acredia), and sports betting companies like Austrian Sports Betting.
ORF, Austria's public broadcasting company, has already confirmed its interest in working with the God-i team.
"We are always very interested in technological innovations related to television broadcasts. We would like to test the God-i wearable for audiovisual production of contents in real time and in the marketing area ", declares ORF.
The acceleration program also includes a completely free workspace in the prestigious Design Tower office building in downtown Vienna, where Mr.Q and part of his team will be working during the 4 months of the program with others companies of the international innovation ecosystem and with the six Venture Capital investment companies located in the same building.
"We are really excited to be able to access all the necessary resources in a single place such as weXelerate: Financial, Mentoring and Industrial Partners in order to prepare the international launch of God-i in the best possible conditions. It would be great to be able to retransmit the New Year's concert next year, with an estimated audience of 1 billion people around the world, from the point of view of the Director of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The wearable device that we have created and that we want to launch to the market in November 2018 would allow all users of the social network God-i.Live to enjoy the show as if they were themselves the Director of the Orchestra, "says Mr.Q , founder of God-i.
The selection of God-i in weXelerate has aroused the interest of several investors related to the Maker movement (GAMAKER: http://www.gamaker.org) and of investors related to blockchain technology who will enter as partners in the fourth round of private investment that is currently in progress.
The objectives of Mr.Q during his stay at weXelerate are:
• Close strategic agreements with several global telecommunications operators such as T-Mobile, Vodafone, Telefonica, AT & T, Verizon Wireless, America Movil, Sprint Nextel or China Mobile.
• Close strategic agreements with technological and industrial companies to complete the industrialization of the God-i wearable device and be able to enter the market in the fourth quarter of 2018.
• Close a round of investment Series A, which would be the first round with funds of Venture Capital.
• Recruiting talent for software development, design, marketing and for the sales department.
• Increase the Advisors team to strengthen the financial and internationalization of the product.
• Prepare the international marketing campaign with Celebrities from the world of Cinema, TV, Fashion, Sports, supported by influencers of the main social networks: YouTube, Instagram, Twitter.

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