God-i Team
  1. Jorge Mera
    Jorge Mera
    Role-playing Game Industry
    Founder and Creative Director of Enaxi Thematic Events. Creator of Live Action & Tabletop Role-Playing Games. Passionate about Historical and Fantastic Novels.
  2. Roberto Ramos
    Roberto Ramos
    Industrial Electronics Expert. Red Cross Volunteer. Big Basketball Fan and passionate about new Technologies.
  3. Maria Garcia
    Maria Garcia
    Serial Entrepreneur. Currently working with 4D Ultrasound Scanning Technology. Activists in favor of rescue and adoption of abandoned animals, especially Greyhounds.
  4. Adrian Rodriguez
    Adrian Rodriguez
    Computer Security Expert
    Computer Scientist. 6 Years of Experience working in Virus Research at Panda Software. APP Programmer for Android and iOS. Cryptocurrency Expert.
  5. Adrian Carrion ( Alioli )
    Adrian Carrion ( Alioli )
    Marketing Advisor
    Community Manager. Creator of Marketing Campaigns for ASUS, AVERMEDIA, HAUPPAUGE. Owner of one of the most Famous YOUTUBE Channels in Spanish. 600K Followers / 160 Million Views
  6. Xabi Pombo
    Xabi Pombo
    Music Industry Advisor
    Audiovisual producer, Beatmaker and Emcee. Co-founder of Konektarte and Anima Studios VI recording studio. Passionate about Music and Ancient History.
  7. Manuel Marin
    Manuel Marin
    Film Industry Advisor
    Experienced TV & Film Director. Producer and Director of several documentaries filmed in California, Vietnam and during an expedition in the Artic Circle. Developing his first Feature
  8. Eneko Etxebarrieta
    Eneko Etxebarrieta
    Travel Advisor
  9. Miyuki Okabe
    Miyuki Okabe
    Travel Advisor
  10. Leyre Valiente
    Leyre Valiente
    Fashion Industry Advisor
  11. Marcos Sanchez
    Marcos Sanchez
    Medical Science Advisor
    Physiotherapist at University Hospital of Alava ( Neurological Rehabilitation ). Cofounder of 3dsolid.es . Passionate about 3D Printing and their Biomedical applications. Developing an Exoeskeleton.
  12. Maria Lemus
    Fashion Industry Advisor
  13. Victor Alonso
    Victor Alonso
    Fashion Industry Advisor