God-i Wearable
God-i is a Wearable Camera to Broadcast your Life ! Your Family, Friends and Followers can see and hear what you see and hear in Real Time.

is a new Personal Marketing Tool for everyone but it's been specially designed for Celebrities ... like YOU who love Sharing some moments with Fans.

God-i : First Limited Edition
The first Flight, the first Transistor, the first Personal Computer are Great Milestones in the History of Mankind.
We hope that our little invention, the God-i, will be seen the same way in the Future as the first Wearable for Personal Streaming.
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That's the reason why we have created the God-i : First Limited Edition, a limited batch of God-i Wearables for our current Bold Investors ( Business Angels ), Early Adopters, Celebrities who are supporting us and God-i Coin ICO Investors.

We have already manufactured the first batch of exclusive God-i. Do you want to own one of this very first historical God-i ?
They are being engraved with the collector's name and the serial number ?  Happy Streaming !!!